What happens if I can’t pick it up by 7pm?
On weekdays, deliveries after 7:00 pm will be delivered from 9:30 am on the next business day. Additional charges will apply for each day.
On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and event days, an additional charge of 200 yen per hour will be applied from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Also, if your order is delivered after 10pm on the same day, it will be delivered from 9:30am on the next business day. Additional charges will apply for each day.
What happens if I lose my baggage receipt?
Please apply at the reception.
We will check the payment card information and, if we can identify the person, we will be able to hand over the package to you. Therefore, please note that we will not be able to deliver your luggage to an agent who does not have a baggage receipt.
Please tell me the size and number of luggage that I can check in.
The number does not matter as long as the total three sides are less than 300cm and can be tied together with a special key chain. We can also store golf bags, surfboards, snowboards, musical instruments, etc.
However, for the safety of our staff and luggage, we limit the amount that one person can carry (as a guideline, 20 kg/item), and we may refuse your request if it is too large to be carried by an elevator.
What happens if my luggage is damaged, lost, or completely destroyed?
We will compensate you for the amount equivalent to the cost of the luggage only if there was intentional or negligent behavior on our part. However, the upper limit is 100,000 yen. Please note that we are not responsible for any scratches or small dents that may occur before the item is delivered.
Are there any items that you cannot keep?
  • Although it is stated in the terms and conditions that you will confirm at the time of reception, we cannot accept the following items.
  • Items that are not properly packaged Packages whose price per package exceeds 300,000 yen 
  • cash, valuables
  • Explosive, flammable, or other potentially dangerous items
  • poisonous drug, powerful drug, poisonous substance, deleterious substance
  • Live pathogens, items that contain live pathogens, or that are recognized to have live pathogens attached
  • Items that are prohibited from possessing or carrying based on laws and regulationsanimal
  • Other items that our company deems unsuitable for storage.
    If our company suffers damage due to stored baggage that violates the regulations as described above, we will claim compensation in the amount equivalent to the damage.
Is it necessary to register in advance or make a reservation from the website?
yes. Advance reservations are also possible. It is possible without a reservation.
Can I take out some of my checked baggage or change my checked baggage?
yes. Is possible. It can be taken out at any time.
Is it possible for a substitute person to pick up the luggage?
Basically, the baggage receipt will be given to the person who brought it. If you let us know when you drop it off, the delivery will be smoother.
What payment methods do you accept?
In addition to cash, we accept a wide variety of payment methods.
Please check the top page for payment methods other than cash.
Can you issue a receipt?
We will issue it upon request.